Importance of Blogging

A blog is what we called Weblog has become the need of the hour and plays an important role right from a person to big companies to mark their presence on the digital platform and whether your business is small or large, blog somewhere works as a Catalyst.

Still thinking about the Importance of Blogging . . . Let me help you to make it clear.

1. Increase Traffic to your website

More relevant posts bring higher traffic to your website. Many people give up on blogging until they know its benefits. More fresh and relevant content you create helps you to rank your website on top when bots crawl your website.

2. Lifelong Benefit

Creating a blog today will give you a long term benefit. You just need to create quality content once and that’s all, if not today soon then in the coming time visitors start landing on that. It will somehow result in your growth when seen integrated. Many companies who are in the startup phase underestimate the importance of Blogging it might be because of the shortage of capital or due to the workload. But either hiring an intern from Internshala or any other available Job Listing Portals like, Indeed, LinkedIn etc., Blogging will reward you with a long term benefit.

3. Ranking a Website

The ultimate goal of creating a blog is to get a better ranking on search engines. Whenever you create and post a blog it will be indexed b the search engine, another opportunity to be get found and bring traffic to your website but this is a never-ending journey, regular updating and creating quality content leads your website to a better ranking.

A useful tip is to create social media Handlers for your website and whenever you create any content do share a link to that also. If your followers found it useful they might share it with your friends and ultimately brings traffic to your blog.

4. Boost Your SEO and SERP

Blogging improves your SEO and regularly creating content with those keywords and topics that are related to your business helps your website to rank better on search engines than your competitors.

Using relevant keywords both short tail keywords and longtail keywords help Google to improve ranking.

5. Blogging as a Lead

A blog provides businesses with an opportunity to convert visitors as their customers by just sharing their information with a call to action.

Businesses like booksellers can share a link to their books along with their blogs so if any visitor got interested in anyone, can order the same right from that page.

Another interesting opportunity for businesses is that they can create premium content backed by quality research and provide enough value to their visitors that they can share their information to get access and that information can be used further to improve the customer experience and services.