How to Earn Money Online

Are you facing problems just because of coronavirus that has hit hard to your business or looking for other sources of Income? Or being a student you want to earn money to be independent for your personal needs.

In current situations where coronavirus is continuously changing its variants and bouncing back with new symptoms and fastened your growth, This blog is specially dedicated to those who are stepping out from their comfort zone to make some money. Let’s explore other ways of earning money online.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Marketing another person’s product or company is known as Affiliate Marketing and in return, an Affiliate (person who is promoting) earns a commission whenever someone purchases from the link they mentioned.

As per the report of AMNavigator, The most popular category of affiliate Marketing is FASHION followed by sports and outdoors, Health/Wellness & Beauty, Travel, Home & Garden, Computer and Electronics.

World’s Number 01, E-Commerce website- AMAZON has a provision for Affiliate Marketing. You only need to become an Amazon Affiliate Associate and share your link on your websites/blogs/youtube where ever you can influence your audience for the purchase from Amazon.


Youtube is the number 1 video sharing platform where you can earn money by uploading videos. Earlier it was so easy to start earning money with just the upload of your video but over a while where the number of creators is increasing exponentially,

Youtube has made some policies for the creators so that only the genuine ones can avail the benefit. Now you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to Monetize your videos and starting earning money. Every business demands hard work initially to grow their market so do Youtube Creators.

3. Blogging

Do you love to write? Or like to share your thoughts with others. It requires time investment but pays you off in a long run. Writing content today keeps on generating revenue for you as long as you keep that posted.

The beauty of blogging is that you can create content even while travelling, and can receive a profit while you sleep. Creating quality content only requires research, a working system and a creative mind.

4. Type and Earn:

If you can type quickly from an average population then you can make some money around $0.30-$1.10 in a minute by listening to audio and typing exactly what they are saying on Rev. Apart from this there are several websites that pay you for typing.

Generated income can be withdrawn using PAYPAL and the major advantage is the flexibility. You can do your job from any part of the world with no time limit. You will be your own boss and can take a break as per your choice.

5. Creating an APP

There are a bunch of websites that help you to create an android game step by step with a guide. Just need to follow the steps and on completion of the game, you can place an ad there which helps you to generate handsome revenue. You need to take the help of digital and social media marketing that boost your game to the desired population. QuickAppNinja and AppsGeyser are the two common websites.

Here I am attaching the link for the game that I have created. Even you can place Facebook ads on the app. So there will be a dual source of Income.

The earlier you start the better you earn. So better start working on any of the platforms just after finishing this blog and wish you the best of luck for your digital Journey.