Essentials of Camping

Camping іѕ one of the best recreational activities and is admired аmоng families, adolescence аnd couples аll оvеr the world. But to make it memorable, it is very essential to carry the right camping equipment. So, let's discuss it one by one.

Camping Tent:

Unless you don't have an RV or you are going to sleep under the stars it's better to carry a TENT. A strong, as well as a reliable tent, is a must which stands up in harsh weather. The number of campers going to sleep inside the tent and the environment in which you are going to camp play a vital role in selecting a tent.

Tent Repair Kit:

Even if selecting the best tent there may be chances of damage while camping. It’s good to have a repair kit to quickly fix the damages. The kit should contain patches, a vinyl patch, a tube of cement and a plug and cap.

Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Mat:

Good sleep is necessary to continue with more exploration and adventure with the new sunshine. One of the most complicated decisions is to purchase the right sleeping bag along with a sleeping mat that won’t allow the temperature of the surface to pass and helps you to sleep more comfortably.

First Aid Kit:

Mishaps do happen and it’s always good to be prepared for the worst, to deal with any situation. Ankle sprain, joint pain, burns while lighting campfire, blisters, Dehydration, Insect bites, cuts are some of the cases. First Aid kit will act as a lifesaver at that time that contains basic Over the counter (OTC) drugs such as

1. Paracetamol

2. Pain Relief Spray.

3. Cream to apply on burns.

4. ORS.

5. Bandages.

6. Antiseptic Cream.

7. Antiseptic Liquid.

Camping Chair:

After exploring all day long you may want just to sit beside the campfire but the wet or bumpy ground may be the problem. A camping chair will be helpful to you. Where you relax and sip tea while adoring the beauty of nature.

Head Torch:

There may be chances of no light at all except the campfire. Roaming around in the dark can be harmful. Having a head torch or handheld torch will be helpful. A Headtorch will be a better choice so that you can use both of your hands and light remains focused on your area of interest.

Mosquito Repellent:

Nothing can spoil camping better than a mosquito. Apart from itching, they carry life-threatening diseases. Prevention is better than cure. Keeping mosquito repellent provides an advantage and keeps you


Water Bottle:

Being under the sunlight leads to dehydration. carrying a water bottle helps to remain hydrated and you need not rush again and again near the water body. Always use boiled water to get away from infections that can destroy the charm of camping.

Carry utensils to boil water on a campfire.


Restrooms along with flush toilets are available at many campgrounds. But if you are planning about a remote campground -consider taking a portable camping toilet of your own.

Also remember to carry your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, hand sanitiser, towel and last but not the least is the sunscreen.

Checklist for Camping

1. Campsite Gear:

Tent, stakes and poles

Tent Repair Kit

Torch or headtorch

Sleeping Bag Sleeping Mat



Camping chair

2. Kitchen Items



Frying Pan

Water bottle

Plate, Spoon, Fork, Glass, Knife

3. Clothes

Daytime clothes







4. Personal Items





First Aid Kit

Insect and Mosquito repellent


5. Other Items


Books, Novels



Musical Instruments


Camping Etiquette:

· Avoid smoking near the dry grass. It can lead to Forest-Fire.

· Playing music is not allowed as other campers may not be comfortable, Use Earphone/Headphone

· Respect the privacy of other campers and don’t trespass to their areas

· Always use Trash bins to dispose of the waste.

· Leave the camping area clean for the future campers.

· Be ready to help others in case of an emergency.

· Don’t make noise during the sleeping hours it would lead to disturbance.

· Follow toilet etiquette as you aren’t the only person who will use the toilet.

· Close tent zips properly otherwise it can serve as an entry point for mosquitos and insects.